Friday, October 3, 2008


One thing that I really cannot stand is inconsistency, especially if two people are supposed to be treated as equals. You cannot do something one day and wen the other persons does it, have a problem with it, be consistent. Again I say be effin CONSISTENT! Don’t say you are gonna do something and never call or show up, be consistent!!!!!!!! I beseech, behoove, and beg of you my brethren to be consistent!!!

Furthermore people make time for what really matters to them. A simple txt message, 30 sec of your day will not kill you! Even if the fallacy only occurred once, it only takes one time to get AIDS, it only takes one hurricane to drown a city, it only took one plane each to make the twin towers fall. You see where I'm going with this? So yea one time does count, if its remarkable enough it will stick with you. When your life gets too busy for the people you "so called" care about you should really reevaluate what is important. Life wasn’t too busy for dinner and video games was it? But everything is too busy for me right? Yea, back to that consistency theory, you should try it.

To be honest all I really want (as I was telling Dori earlier) is someone to play in my hair and tell me I'm pretty; someone to actually act like they care and not continually poke and prod at me with erroneously requests to things that are usually the norm. For you to take out some time in your busy day to say HI FRANKIE!!! Let alone give me a hug, and no you did not hug me, I remember. Next time instead of being nice about it, be consistent and say Bitch get OUT!, it'll make me feel 10x better that you were honest about your true intent instead of being led astray. Oh and another clue: when women run away, men chase after them, cause if you keep letting them go, eventually they wont come back.


.dori said...

Blog it out, Frank, blog it out...

I feel you on ALL of that shyt! Me and Maya were just talking about how the littlest thing can mean SOOOOOO much and how men need to be either black or white with their feelings, eff all that gray shyt!!!! You really should have been there, too bad you were trapped in the car


M!ZZ-M@Y@ said...

thats hella true. i gotta say i agree. wif they dnt reach out for us i feel less abliged to reach for you. and it slick sucks 'cause they know we miss them, thinking of them, always looking around for them and it feels like we dnt even walk across their mind...damn. scratch that, utter disappoinment. man scratch that fuckin fail! ya, thats better

M!ZZ-M@Y@ said...

wif?...idk what that was it should be when and if