Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I am Lavender as a supple scent,

Periwinkle as the twilight sky,

Turquoise as the clearest ocean,

Magenta as whatever my heart desires,

Blue, green, yellow, orange, red, crimson, gold, mahogany, silver

And it is asking for him


As the paint is chipped from the surface

You see without hazed vision

You hear without the sounds stifled

And he seeks that which is bound

Trapped between these walls

Struggling to push out my burdens

And lay them waste deep on the floor

So that they may not consume me

However, the world is becoming bleaker by the second

And soon the tears will be running

Down my face falling into a pool of shear disappointment

I was not yet ready for this appointment with reality

I was not yet ready to face me and the things that lye dormant

The fear……..….the regret………..the torment

Of knowin you feel me

But with me you cannot be wholehearted

Instead I Get Pieces.....

Of a broken past, these pieces from a mending heart

Trying to fix a puzzle that I didn’t start, didn’t ask to finish

But I digress, you see I'm trying not to stress

I just need to release before I let my love for you damage me

And make me incapable of falling in love with you

What do you do when your emotions are chocked up

And all you see is the dark tunnel,

no light….no sight……just black………how do you get back to

That happy place, that excited state,

where the world was your playground

and it didn’t take much for it to turn and go round

How do you get back without becoming a victim of your own demise?

I need some where to put all the baggage because

with each God forsaken decrepit day

Im feeling the saggage of love lost and relationships spoiled

Your mind is your greatest weapon and your path to destruction

You reap what you think.

And my mind is not in the greatest condition right now

So instead of Lavender scents and periwinkle skies

Its more dead puppies and gray scale rainbows

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