Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Here is the poem I was working on, I finally finished it... well I might work on it more but here goes..


He walks the 4 blocks it takes to reach the corner gas station
Purchases his pack of vanilla blunts
Ready to spark
And go away where it won’t hurt no more
Where the cold aint cold no more
Where the dreams aint broke no more
Cause the tears wont fall no more
He leaves knowin he has not the time
For shallow thoughts and petty exertions

On his way, he meets his good friend, Reality
He looks up cause the junkie marks the spot
Passes off the rock, pockets the 20
Passes off the 20, cause Sonnie
Used all her food stamps and the baby is hungry
He continues on his way
Knowin in his heart that this life wont pay
But he prays this one last meeting
Will seal the deal

He heard stories of the “king of crack”
Who built a narcotical dynasty
Created an army of addicts
Billy wants this to be his destiny
To run the trade, rule the streets
From Baltimore City to Washington, DC
Edmond approaches and Billy examines
Make the wrong move
And guns will be ablaze

Its hazy at first,
Rayful Edmonds true intent
But greetings are sent
And Billy’s stance becomes less intense
Edmond grows fond of him
Business interactions and agreements
Begin to send Billy up the chain of command
Trades in DC, Baltimore, NY, Carolina

Life’s lookin up and the papers stackin too
Until DCPD gets hold of the spill
Edmond gets life, no parole
Billy, 20 with good behavior 15
Now Sonnie is left with baby,
No father on the scene


Look what i found on the internet last night when I was doin my research...


Author JB brings you Dope Boys Volume I, the tales of the most infamous figures in the history of the illegal drug trade. Read about players that made millions and billions of dollars in the dope game. Dope Boys Volume I contains short biographies of over 31 major drug trafficking individuals and organizations. Below is a list of profiles covered in the book.

Billy Guy
A Bronx, New York resident that set up a profitable heroin operation in Baltimore.

Im pretty sure this is my dad, i have searched on the internet but I cant seem to find anymore information about him.

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