Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Well fuhdahsheeit

You know I really see why people have so much drama in their lives. they have drama cause they want drama. I'm sorry but I did nothing to you and you arent gonna make me feel like I need to get on my knees and grovel just so you can part your lips to speak to me. In fact you're doing just the opposite, you are making me dislike you, ok to get to the core of how you are really making me feel toward you, you are making me detest your very existence and other people like you, you are like rotting meat and no one like rotting meat. lol. Ok maybe tht that bad but you sure are getting on my damned nerves. And I almost spoke to you today, then I caught myself cause I had to think and remember that you werent speaking to me, lol. You see how dumb this is? It is a natural thing for me to want to speak, im so used to it but i have to censor myself because you decided to be mad at me for no reason. And even if in some way I did offend you the grown up thing to do is to inform me of my offense. Not walk around with an attitude cause you are the only one mad sweetie not me. But yea it only takes once to cross me, you had your chance, so even wen you are done with your fit, we are through.

dori moment
P.S. I think ill speak to you anyway just to be spiteful, lol

P.S.S. sprngohsisgahprahlums

fuhdatsheeit and gitdafuhovaitho

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