Wednesday, September 23, 2009

How I long to see the Cumberland...

You will never be able to see the good in people if you always focus on their flaws...

For every 10 things you do correctly be prepared to be noticed for the 1 thing you do wrong...

If it was as easy as picking up my stuff and leaving I would have been gone 2 months ago, but its not... I don't want to be here as much as you don't want me here... What will ever be solved by a yelling match, absolutely nothing. If you never come and tell me anything until you are upset about it, how can I possibly know??? Alot of the time you have to SPELL THINGS OUT FOR ME, yes I may be bright, but I miss simple things. I really just don't get it, when you are mad you storm around and don't talk to me and I don't read minds. I ask you whats wrong and you always reply "Nothing" But once you have your mind made up about something then thats the end of that. How do you ever expect to be able to resolve things if you are so quick to react. I'm analyzing the situation not just from how I feel but trying to understand how you feel too. But do you really expect your message to be heard if you are screaming??? Idk, just a thought.

Ha ha and after reading through that I pretty much just described myself, weird huh, anyway.

I actually thought I was doing pretty good, staying on top of the curve, I guess not. Granted I could keep my room a little more tidy, clothes everywhere, one of my Frankism that I have to work on. Even if I get better, it probably still wont be good enough, or clean enough, or straight enough.

Sigh, Blogger Im just so ready to get back to Nashville and I wish my plan and path was clear cut. I wish I knew exactly what God had in store for me. Whatever it is it must be great for all the hell that I have been through. I feel like I'm wasting away here. The time has begun to merge, Monday is Friday, Friday is Tuesday and lord knows when Saturdays come around. I miss my sisters and I miss school and I miss using this darn brain of mine. Im going to commit to setting a clear goal for each and everyday. Its time for that to do list! . But I knew this day would come, it was just a matter of when... And I must say we've done pretty well, a good 4 months, lol. But Im not meant to be here for long, this is just a season. Hmmmmm the water is still running, dont know if I should turn it off, I might get yelled at! They say with each generation things are supposed to be better. I hope to do better with Samiya and not leave any room for miscommunication. You know that is the root of most destroyed relationships. How can you possible know if the person never tells you or if you don't exactly understand what they are trying to tell you. Well I think Im done ranting...

Oh Cumberland we shall meet again

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

These Kids are Amazing

And they stayed in pitch the entire time!

Monday, September 21, 2009

A time for writing

Soooo after all that fancy stuff down to the real reason Im on blogger in the first place... writing!!! I've decided after a long hiatus (oxymoron) ha ha that it is time to return... I guess I have found the guts to tell the story... its part of the healing process. It will come out slowly but at least I can finally say I'm ready. The lunch with Richard and Mom really inspired me to get moving. Even if I just write a sentence I should write something each and everyday... Whether you like or not, and I dont even have to like it myself, but darnit I need to write SOMETHING... And now I can blog from my phone and tweet from my blog, here goes

As I sit and ponder on all that has happened Im not quite sure where exactly my journey will take me, if I said I had all the answers Id be lying in fact Im completely confused. God has however placed someone in my life that has been there for me more than I could have ever imagined. Im so grateful for him, his friendship and his kindness. But im jumping too far ahead, lol, I will never understand how my life ended up like twilight, but its not over and Im determined to write a better ending...
Hello blogger, this is me, from my phone