Monday, September 21, 2009

A time for writing

Soooo after all that fancy stuff down to the real reason Im on blogger in the first place... writing!!! I've decided after a long hiatus (oxymoron) ha ha that it is time to return... I guess I have found the guts to tell the story... its part of the healing process. It will come out slowly but at least I can finally say I'm ready. The lunch with Richard and Mom really inspired me to get moving. Even if I just write a sentence I should write something each and everyday... Whether you like or not, and I dont even have to like it myself, but darnit I need to write SOMETHING... And now I can blog from my phone and tweet from my blog, here goes

As I sit and ponder on all that has happened Im not quite sure where exactly my journey will take me, if I said I had all the answers Id be lying in fact Im completely confused. God has however placed someone in my life that has been there for me more than I could have ever imagined. Im so grateful for him, his friendship and his kindness. But im jumping too far ahead, lol, I will never understand how my life ended up like twilight, but its not over and Im determined to write a better ending...

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