Friday, January 30, 2009

Quick thought

Im starving and I have no food in my room, its time to go to Walmart, once again...
hold on Kohl we will make it to the promised land.

Thursday, January 29, 2009


So I want somebody to explain to me how you EAT and SING at the same time, cause once I learn that shit imma be on point. But no forreal and dont come in eating a stinky ass subway sandwhich all them damn onions and oil and vinegar and ham and shit. Damn! Gave me a headache...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Its called courtesy

Its called courtesy BITCH! Which obviously you lack! Ive been in this class since day one and you just happen to sit in Nathan's seat so I politely ask "Are you in this class" to which you reply "yes" and as I walk away to reseat myself and my Tuesday-Thursday class companion you sneakily reply "I didn't know we had assigned seats"

I dont know if you meant for me to hear that but know that because of certain circumstances my senses are stealthy. So yea after your arrogant remark I reply "We don't honey, its not that crucial" "Its not that crucial!"

LOL. im entirely hostile, my heart was racing after that, lol then class started and I was happy cause we were speaking Spanish, my Tuesday-Thursday class companion and I!
So lets rewind to my 11:20 cultural anthropology class, I kept itching the entire time, and my hands smell terrible, idk why and even after I wash them they still stink, idk its prolly just me! But Mamoud was killing me this morning with his hour and a half long monotonous lecture on Anthropological theory! And on top of that he was attacking me with the stench of his dry erase marker, and I dont even sit in the front row in that class, I sit in the 2nd and I could still smell it!!!  Ok im done... 

Im starving Spanish is almost over and Im going to get a grilled chicken spinach wrap from the sub!!! 

The solution!!!!


bumped into this on the internet, HILARIOUS!!!!

If you cant read it, it says:

"If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the precipitate"

Friday, January 23, 2009

Bus ride

Wrote this on the bus the other night... jus some thoughts

Nothing like a long busride to clear your head

I just hope the bus can make it back. lol

It keeps shutting down! You know if Nashville had an accesible public transportation system the city wouldnt be so bad. I miss the bus. Whenever you have a bad day just get on a bus and go somewhere you've never gone before. This actually feels like more familiar territory and it reminds me of home

I sure hope God made me this way for a reason.

I need to make a character for creatice writing anyway so here goes lets starts when the cons since they are oh so prevalent.

Con- stubborn, irrational

Ok thats the third time the bus shut down, I think Ive actually lived some of the craziness people only dream of. So back to what I was doing:

















Notice a trend here?

Many of these traits can be transcribed into a pro or a con, depending on the circumstance given that will be the side of the spectrum that is portrayed. So im a walking oxymoron!

Josh really has that stalker effect. It really would be better if he just left me! Not like end the relationship but just really leave when its time to leave, but he doesnt. So instead of driving away like a normal person, he is making it known that he's gonna follow me ALL the way home. He's parked across from the bus for goodness sakes!!!

He's the biggest advocate for relationship privacy but he is always being a sell-out and calling people when times get hard. You know how many times I could have called people? But I didnt cause Im not gonna drag others into my mess! Especially friends! People lose good friends like that.

The bus finally pulled off 9:26pm

Now he has me all paranoid scoping out every car that drives by...

I didnt know Antioch had a feminine definite article.

Wow alot of people ride the bus at night, I wonder if its due to the economy.

Ehh the truth of the story sounds so boring

Girl + Boy go to mall. Boy tells girl to find her own way home and storms off. Boy is remorseful, comes back, apoligizes and asks girl to be rational. Girl elects to take bus home instead of riding home with boy. Boy parks outside of bus and follows until girl reaches destination.

That doesnt make for the next best seller!

Im still in Murfreesboro somewhere 9:50pm

I can see the city I think we are almost there. Made it 10:05

The desolation of a nightfall struck Nashville is piercing. The only thing left to comfort are the flashing yellow and red of the streetlights and the chirp of the automated crosswalk bird.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Verdict

Yeah everybody is pretty much overdoing everything, no one really knows what happened except for the people that were there, and the mixed message that was relayed. Simply a one sided second hand account, duh I knew what I was doing, I wasn't running away I was making a point, I was really chill, in fact he was the one over reacting, at least in my sight. I never had any intention of harming myself nor anyone else, Ive done worse things than catch the bus home by myself, so the general consensus is, its not that crucial.

Verdict = Unnecessary

No need to pull other people into your mess...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

And this is why..

We are twins. Cause Dorian Michele (with one L) Townsend is always on my same wavelength. Why suffer through tryna pry yourself away from a hot shower and the bed when you can give in. No need to worry about disappointing the other person with a lame excuse cause they already have their own lame excuse lined up. Yay dori, I heart you.

and dont worry we WILL get to it...


in our own time....

Ordinary People

So its Sunday morning, partially clear skies with sunshine,

but I wonder how many people's hearts arent this gleeful picture of perfection. Many I'd think, quite a few people have said Frankie you should write and chronicle everything you're going through with the pregnancy and everything. I never thought to commit to it because they'd be the same stories of morning sickness, random nausea, congestion, hormonal and subsequently emotionally imbalance, and the array of other pregnancy symptoms and dreadful wives tales that we have all heard about. But nothing could prepare me for what I felt on a very dreary and brisk yesterday morning. And I wondered do many women feel this way and if so, OMG what do they do about it.

Well I can tell you what I did, I shut the world out and cried almost all day. Yeah it was pretty bad, I felt bad for feeling that way and chastized myself for it by being slightly depressed. It was the most selfish thing I have thought since finding out about the pregnancy. I dont think many people talk about when they are 3 1/2 months into their pregnancy and you are having second thoughts, I mean serious second thoughts. I know as terrible as it may sound its defintely real. I just tried my best to move on from the thoughts and pray I never feel anything like that again.

But we are just ordinary people and I just gotta have some faith and take it slow.