Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Its called courtesy

Its called courtesy BITCH! Which obviously you lack! Ive been in this class since day one and you just happen to sit in Nathan's seat so I politely ask "Are you in this class" to which you reply "yes" and as I walk away to reseat myself and my Tuesday-Thursday class companion you sneakily reply "I didn't know we had assigned seats"

I dont know if you meant for me to hear that but know that because of certain circumstances my senses are stealthy. So yea after your arrogant remark I reply "We don't honey, its not that crucial" "Its not that crucial!"

LOL. im entirely hostile, my heart was racing after that, lol then class started and I was happy cause we were speaking Spanish, my Tuesday-Thursday class companion and I!
So lets rewind to my 11:20 cultural anthropology class, I kept itching the entire time, and my hands smell terrible, idk why and even after I wash them they still stink, idk its prolly just me! But Mamoud was killing me this morning with his hour and a half long monotonous lecture on Anthropological theory! And on top of that he was attacking me with the stench of his dry erase marker, and I dont even sit in the front row in that class, I sit in the 2nd and I could still smell it!!!  Ok im done... 

Im starving Spanish is almost over and Im going to get a grilled chicken spinach wrap from the sub!!! 

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