Friday, October 10, 2008

Jus me

Ha, its funny how nobody in the world will ever truly understand you except for God. I believe that you can relate to everyone even in the smallest way, its true that you will relate more to some than others but still in some way you can relate. The thing about it is that as much as you do relate to a person they will never truly know and understand the workings of you. So you are stuck being misunderstood, now you can do two things about this which I was forced to learn at an early age

1) You can allow your differences from the so called "norm" to get to you, and you can allow people to make you feel bad because you are so


2) You can take your differences in strides and be ur freakin self, and love yourself in spite of what people may say or think about you.

LOL, Ive have chosen the later of the two, and chances are the very people who dnt understand you or except you for ur differences want to be just like you. Besides its better to live a life with a few friends and be true to yourself rather than have many friends and have to fake the funk. Trying to be something or someone you aren't is exhausting and very unfulfilling. So the next time you see me and think to yourself, "Frankie is weird" just know that yes indeed I am weird, and I love myself, just the way I and that's something that no one can ever take away from me. You may not always understand me, you may think I'm different and weird but hey this is me. Take me or leave cause either way Ill still love me, and quite frankly Ill still love you too...

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Sonquela said...

I love you Frank! Don't change...