Thursday, October 23, 2008

A title cause dori made me put one

Im not exactly sure how I feel, its kinda random actually but I know I just feel like writing. ha ha its funny cause as much as it can appear like everything is alright there is always something wrong in the back of everyones head.

So lets get nitty gritty honest...

Im not satisfied with life
Im not satisfied with school
I know somewhere and somehow there is so much more for me
I hate the mundane
Im falling into a routine and coincidently its routinely ruining my life


I think im in my own world all the damn time, its so hard to see outside yourself

Ideal life?

Somewhere warm, nice breeze, beautifully green, picking berries, writing, making music, making love, loving life

So I guess this is my version of this that and the other, point blank period, and ready set go, and in actuality I need a really fetch title to make it all fit but I cant think of one.

so oh well

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