Saturday, October 18, 2008


So im coming to realize that value's in the south are so much different than home. Marriage is like a common thing among the young. Its just so weird cause I almost feel like that's what's expected of me. Now granted, Josh and I are doing much better our relationship has reached new heights and in God things are how they are supposed to be. I dont see how anyone would choose to do it any other way. Well ok I lied I do see how they can because I did it for a long time. I did what I wanted to do, i was disobedient and I was punished for it more than most would ever know. But at the end of the day God's grace is so much more rewarding. Doing things for "right way" for lack of a better phrase is worth it. I'm just so happy that God has blessed us with each other. So I digress as for this marriage thing, OMG everybody is married!!!! And its kinda creepy. I guess its like a pregnancy scare, you never realize how many people are pregnant until you think you are yourself!! Lol and im saying this to say, you never really realize how many people are married until you consider it yourself.....

ha ha yes I know what you're thinking.
So Frankie are you considering marriage, the one who always says she will probably just end up alone with three cats.

Lets just say I'm giving it thought and its actually more of a possibility than I have ever given thought. Marriage was just never one of those things I took seriously. And now since its becoming more of a reality I don't think its such a bad idea.

So now your thinking, this could only mean one thing.

Yes this mean
s that I am absolutely and positively in love with Josh. I have let myself fall, I have let myself go. But guess what? God's got me, and since he said its gonna be alright than I have enough faith and I actually have the audacity to believe him. Cause even if by some small chance Josh does let me fall, guess who will always catch me?

Yep, you got it.


Anonymous said...

Dang it Frankie! Ur gonna make me cry. This was soooooo sweet. But you know I'm happy for ya'll. When you're happy I'm happy. (No more gravity and standin on chairs!)

But since you said the M word, just let me know when to pull out my flower girl gear. I'll give you my discount...lmao!

I ♥ Frosh!!!

M!ZZ-M@Y@ said...

Oh Jankie! i f;in love you guys.
no but seriously im glad youre growing in your relationship and esp with God. im sooo proud. and im soooooo happy for you, i need somebody to love.