Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Frankador, Dorifran, Micinique, Lancele, lol nevamind

So I know this girl and she is freakin awesome. we are similar in alot of ways but we are different. But sometmes we are so alike that its scary lol. Sometimes we say the same sentences at the same time with the exact same inflections. This girl is gonna kill me cause my last sentence had no commas; she is a grammar freak, jus like me. Im coming to realize how so very special she is to me. Not that i didnt  know before but the likeness is uncanny. Its so weird. She is my twin from another mother, a completely different city, different upbringings and we are the same person. She is in some way referenced in 4 out of the 6 posts on my blog and since you are here at this very moment this post makes it 5. 

I heart her cause she is the best, my twin, Dori t.  

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