Sunday, November 16, 2008

Singular Form Please

So I know Jedi is the plural form so whats the singular form




Im confused....


Anonymous said...

NOOOOOOOO...You will NOT rack your brain over this!!!!!!!

P.S.-It's Jedae! DUH!

P.S.S.-lmao cuz i really don't know

*simply eccentric* said...

Lol, i always knew it could'nt be Jadae cause (ae) is always the plural form of stuff, anyway I googled it, and Jedi is one of those special words that can be singular or plural you have to use the context clues of the sentence to know which one, lol. Oh and dori Im lazy so I dont feel like walking the 10 feet and 3 flights it takes to get to ur apt still love ya tho. kisses!

Anonymous said...

lol yeah, I just now saw where u said u were trying to figure out its singular bad! and p.s.-it's ok b/c some random ppl and a baby have invaded my den/dining area...they're kendra's friends but kendra is sleep...WEIRD!