Monday, November 17, 2008

Its time

I know Ive been like this for a long time, but I think its time to get a hold on life.

So its time...

to get help
to have hope
to dream once more
to love myself
to wake up
to think good thoughts
to live my life
to walk into my purpose
to have faith in that purpose
to pray a little harder
to have some faith
to leave the baggage behind
to stop the pessimism
to rid myself of the nightmares
to talk
to let it all out
to get rid of it all
to stop holding myself back
to look above
to know I'm loved
to not give up
to know that with each day God gives us knew grace and new mercy
to know that he was right, and tell him so
to thank him for his love
to thank him for his help and earnest
to tell him sorry
to love him still
to smile like I used to....and mean it

and for that tattoo, lol

Love Thyself, Know Oneself, Be Yourself