Wednesday, November 5, 2008


At the beginning of the election when the democrats hadnt even chosen a presidential candidate, the pro-obama rally in my heart was at an all time high but gradually it started to decrease; not because I had any less faith in the man who would become the first black president, but because I felt that people were only jumping on the Obama wagon because of the color of his skin. I fought with this because the ignorance of my people had begun to over take me. I was angry with them because if Barack was white I doubt how many of them would even know what CNN is; or how many of them would even care about voting let alone politics. So I asked myself does it make it ok that many of them are only voting for him based upon the color of his skin. I mean Obama is not JESUS by any means, I was so angry because black people just couldnt see that he is not the Messiah! Obama became so commercial and popularized I felt like I didnt want to be apart of the new Obama rage, the fad that had taken the black communties by storm. "BLING YOUR OBAMA T SHIRT" flashed across the screen of the college crib advertisement. By that time I was through, now granted this didnt mean that my vote would be swayed it just meant that I wasnt as active as I could have been; I tend to shy away from things that I deem NORMAL! I dont do it on purpose it just happens that way. It wasnt until last night that I was finally enlightened:

Yes many of my peers may have voted for Obama solely based on his race but how many times in history have whites voted against blacks for this same reason. How many times were we seen as inferior and treated as such. As i saw student after student pour out of their apartments jumping for joy screaming, crying, laughing, and calling loved ones, it made a difference in my life. Students running and chanting together "Im so glad my President is Black". Walking from TSU to Fisk cheering and basking in the glory of what will go down in history!!!!

Obama made a DIRECT difference in my LIFE!

Just when I thought life wasnt worth living anymore the current events have allowed me to realize the selfishness of my thoughts and my actions. A new hope, a new birth of optimism has taken over me. I can love people a little more, be a little nicer, give a little better, and just live a greater life. Its almost surreal, I woke up this morning thinking "did it really happen?" And when I realized the black hole that usually wakes up with me each morning had gone, I knew it was true. I slept nightmare free last night, and it was wonderful.

So thank you Obama, thank you TSU, and thank you America.

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