Tuesday, November 18, 2008


The poem I was talking about from last night, enjoy!

1 My emotions are the river that drown me,

the sea consuming Ph 2, ocean everflowing, undertaking.

2 He wouldn’t love me even if I was 5’11,

browned skinned and the sweetest thing he’s ever…

3 graced with the touch of his tongue,

even if he’d brought his ears to focus on the vibration of my tone,

rested his cornea on the vision of my splendidness,

and laid down his hand upon my skin with such gentleness

that it was forceful sending pulses through me making his aroma

engrained in my nostrils never forgetting his scent.

4 Only if he’d have me…to where I could hear his touch,

every stroke sending a sound wave to my brain,

taste his fragrance that lingers like a bad habit atop my skin.

5 Jonathan A. Campbell, Miami Beach Florida Summer 2001

6 But of course he would love me and I am emotionally sound

7 I was approaching the cliff of sorrow,

filled with mother's voices trying to soothe the sobs

of their nightmare stricken children.

Nightmares as horrid as licking the point of a thousand needles...

8 Slick,

9 If you put the apples in the trunk you won’t ever find the apple tree

10 But all the jive turkeys stand under the peach trees

11 The green fruit of individualism, what we most strive for

12 Because we all gather on the thin line of reproach and dive

13 We can even grow tails and tell tales of how they swung just like

14 Frankie,

cause she is always trying to make it make sense

15 We will go to the edge of misery only to come back again emptier than before

16 Capable men and those we thought strong will fall to their knees

17 Men waffle in storybooks and beasts angle toward charms

18 And they SHOUT! “Vita brevis ars longa”

19 As the forbidden fruit opens its stomata to breath to me

“Love Thyself, Know Oneself, Be Yourself” the fruit speaks!

20 The turkeys still gathering peaches to plum the moon.

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