Thursday, November 20, 2008

The only 3

So I read both of yall blogs and omg Im feelin yall in all aspects umm its weird cause its like we are all at that place in our life right now where its just IDK stagnant. Ive felt like this for a looonnngggg time and stagnancy in my book usually leads me to feeling purposeless BUT Ive just recently decided to have some hope. I mean Dori your father can probably run laps around me in the advice department but hey here is a little bit: HOPE! And Maya mundane people and just the same ole shit everyday, Im witcha bruh! Im just looking for that thing that's different, that's gonna pop out at me and say YES FRANKIE! But I guess thats the problem, lets create our own epiphany instead of waiting for it. Lets be contructive and stop being lazy and do something. Shit lets make a band, write some songs, record some shit. Lets DO something. we all know that school alone doesnt fill that spot. to be honest I just cant get hard off it, school moves to slow for my mind. and to be honest yall the only niggas that can keep my attention. LOL. So I come today saying I understand where you coming from so lets get up and makes some plans for where we are about to go. Encourage eachother and act a damn fool at the same time, We are the Crayonz and music is our boyfriend so FUCK NIGGAS and GET MONEY! lol anyway yall know what I mean tho. I love yall hoes especially since we are the only 3 that still blog.

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Anonymous said...

Hey I feel ya- school has that effect (hey I still blog)