Sunday, September 7, 2008

I jus wanted sushi and margaritas....damn

So last night we were supposed to get sushi and margaritas, but guess what???? Rusans was closed and R&R was closed that equates to no margaritas and no damn sushi. My girls have gone back to that fascist regime they call a dorm, whose name so handsomely fits Hale Hall, so now im upset jus a little not enough to be mad perse' (sp?) but enough to bring me down from my recent victory high. Woooooooooooooooooo and kudos to TSU football and Marching band for whooping ass two games in a row, take that A&M take that Southern take it right in the ass!!!!!!! And fuck the SWAC cause we OVC babeee!!!

So you see I had sooo much energy and when that energy crashes you dont necessarily burn you just kinda become really Blah and Blah to everything around you. I needed a jolster, a spark, a great idea to pull me from the slums of blahness but instead I got rattled questions and soggy noodles!!! So I except my Blah fate suck it up prepare my own non-soggy and very delightful Ramen noodles and I fall alseep comfortably in his lap. so with this you think everything is ok right? Well the blahness transferred itself to this morning.

Church is good, I like Church, I mean who doesnt? Well I got left! No church for me so here I am feeling lonely, blahful, and churchless!!!!!!! If nobody else can bring me from blahness I know Jesus can... so anyway church starts at 10 and I heard promises of an 11:30 return. 12:30 rolls around I pick up the phone, where I you, I text. Well are you ready for me to come get you he says? Huh I ask? what do you mean OF COURSE I AM WHAT HAPPENED TO THE PROMISES OF OUR 11:30 RECONCILIATION, I DONT WANNA BE LEFT ALONE ANOTHER IOTA OF A SECOND!!!! (Shout out to my girls for the SAI reference, eeee-ooo-ta!) Well a few of us wanted to go out to eat he says, will another hour be too long? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL I say to myself because he has to be kidding me!!!! Well instead of ranting I say fine if thas what you wanna do but then he says something very interesting

"Frankie you want me to fail, and I'm not going to"

this stuck with me a bit and it made me wonder, do I really want every man that enters my life to fail me, like so many already have? Does he care so much that he wants to be the one to finally pass all of my tests and climbs over my walls (no pun intended). And to think he caters to my every detail, if he doesn't get something right he tries to fix it, all along Frankie he just wants to see you happy although he does it in his own Josh-kind of way, so I'm gonna do better no more Frankie-bitchiness cause he is trying in his own way...but from now on I do advise you when you begin seriously dating someone you should ask

"How do you like your eggs and how do you like your Ramen Noodles"


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.dori said...

YAY for realizing that you do sometimes act like a biotch to my boy Josh, but even more YAY to you doing something about it! He really does try!

lmao @ climb over my walls...