Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Call me a Bohemian, its okay!

Okay so im really feeling the love guys, like no seriously, like yall got me on some bout to cry type shit, lol I know im a lil bitch for sayin it but im feelin the LOVE.

To Leandria Tia Lott aka Mary Jane, Lott Roxx, Kidz Bop, Numba 5, my Back:

Member how we had that convo about how you felt like people are supposed to be in your life and you feel like if they never were life wouldnt be the same. You are it!!!! It jus omg so much joy and laughter and everything came with meeting you, and again I thank God for you everyday!

To Dorian Michele (with one L) Townsend, Dori T., I got the door Dor, sup shawty, wut it do

So lemme tell you the story, we've been in choir together since Freshman year and you always looked like a cool person to me. I would see you and I knew that you were different. Different good, different like me, different different than me too. I feel you tho on the friends no matter how many you get you'll always be the loner tho. Cause sometimes I feel like such an individual that nobody will ever really understand me, but Dorian I think you get it! To an extent I think you jus get it!

To Maya Matthews aka Lois Lane, Mizz Maya, maya-maya, Old skool rapper extraordinare

Man, where do I start, these three weeks seem like a life time. To you Maya Id like to say Thank you! Thank you for broadening my scope of things freeing my mind jus a little more than I already was. Thanks for the pick in up in life. Your like crack straight up, who cant love you Maya, its impossible not to! And if people dont FUCK them!!!! Cause ur dope, your awesome, you are rivetting and to you again I say, Thank you.

Soooooooooooo, yea thank you guys all of you, I love you to death! Thanks for excepting me and loving me right where I am and for exactly who I am. Normal people see me and they dont get it, Ive been different all my life, never knew why jus was that way, and I excepted very early in life that I was gonna be the person I was, do what I like, and really not give a crap if people didnt like it. Thanks for likin me cause it doesnt come by easy. Yea people may admire me, people may be intrigued, people mave have pretenses but yall see pass the outer and know its just an extension and expression of the deeper me. All the colors and patterns and styles are an expression of how I feel about life, how I feel about love, about truth, beauty and freedom!

-Frankie, Frank Frank, Sunflower, Front, Frankie S.

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