Monday, September 15, 2008


Niggas aint got no backbone, yea I said it, and yea I mean it. Niggas is shady, indecisive, trifflin, stupid, and they are always gonna want what they never had. Yea I may sound like an angry black woman right now but there is a reason so many of us are angry. Cause dudes aint got they shit straight and we the "good girls" gotta pay for what some other bitch did. Fuck the otha bitch cause its me now, and the longer you dont realize it the quicker you will loose this good thing...

This is for all the niggas who aint got no backbone that includes the ones who been talking to ya girl for a year and still wont commit talkin bout they jus wanna have they fun, that includes the niggas who wont call they girl all week knowin she been sick, can a bitch jus get some cambels soup, let alone a phone call or maybe thas askin too much. This also includes the nigga who jus wont tell that clingy nappy headed heifer to go to fuck home and stop showin up at his house, I mean keep it simple I'd jus give her a "Bitch get out" but than again thas jus me. This includes the ones that will break up with ya girl for no apparent reason knowing she carried ya seed and stood by your ass and you still did her dirty. And also all the niggas that be blowin up ya girl's phone askin when we gonna hang out, grow some balls, betta yet get some Viagra and grow a dick. This includes all the bitches that did these "potentially good men" dirty leaving us to clean it up.

So fuck all you sheisty, illegitamite, arrogant, and sometimes just down right mean Niggas. Cause you will always want what you almost but never had!

Im chunkin the deuces, Peace.


M!ZZ-M@Y@ said...

ok photoshop! lol
na but real talk that went too hard! too real, cut all them niggas up! you win for the night, shawty.

.dori said...


I'm speechless....

That went hella hard!

Fuck the man!
Fuck the system!!
Fuck censoring!!!

I think you just handed a whole lot of niggas their asses on a tray and I LOVE you for that!