Friday, September 19, 2008

Acoustic Love pt 2

Acoustic guitars play in the foreground of my mind
The lullaby of wood and strings intertwine
As they captivate me and pull with a sweet dissonance
Resolve will you not, oh chord in my dream
Or will you leave me hanging over the clef
Trying to find my tonal center

There is something that is ever so powerful in the musical experience, music, poetry, writing, painting, drawing, drama, all of the arts I feel like I have gotten a piece of them and can somehow string them together to make something great.

But this post is not about me so i digress...

More so it is about the musical experience, I dont know how many of you have felt this sensation but it is one of power. The sheer eclecticisms and beauty of making music is an unspeakable thing. I almost cannot put in into words. But I'll try

Acoustic guitars play in the foreground of my mind
and with its melody I am smitten

The only utterances spilling from my lips are those of musical addition
simple rhythmic harmony

Let the music take your soul, Let the music take your soul, and let its content spill from you with no bounds

Leap into forward motion with creative thought and unorthodox ideology, Let the music take your soul

To where you thought you'd never go, you want to stay and go away with the melody that has been in your heart

The melody you've only ever dreamed of...

And that didnt even do it justice, so where did this all come from?

Well Josh and I went to cafe coco last night to grab some food and get some homework done. We sat in the back where they usually have jam sessions and what not. So there is this kid with his acoustic guitar and he has a group of friends with him and they are just jammin. And Im feelin it so I start quietly singing to the beat he's playing you know nothing serious just playing around. So Josh was like "why dont you go over there". I replied "No I cant" laughing to myself. "Why not?" he asked in response I say "well because I just cant and besides its getting late we have go and get some work done"

So we are on our way out and guess what he does!!!!!??????!!!!! He stops right before we are leaving and strikes up a convo with the guy. I was like oh no! So they are small talking about Boodie's performance at coco's last month and some other things so Josh says "Oh yea you know she sings" and points to me. I was like OMG i cant believe he just did that. To make a long story short, I wound up singing with the guy, just free flowing all about the music no pretense no pressure, just a genuine an honest love and enjoyment for the craft, and it clicked.

Thats what its about, its about the art and the enjoyment of it, as long as you love what you are doing how can you go wrong, just keep an honest and sincere heart and you wont be led astray.

But I will admit you have to be careful because things like music connect people especially when they are doing it together. Me and the guy were running back and forth and there is a deeper connection when you are feelin the vibe. Its like multiple musical

But anyway it was a great experience, dont ever be afraid to do whats in your heart

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