Monday, September 15, 2008

Biology, Spanish, English Oh My!

So I'm sitting in Ecology, a class created by the system to torture us young and oh so innocent Bio majors and the occasional and unsuspecting non-majors that float in here and there. And I've decided I'm not gonna be a Bio major anymore! LOL I'm changing my major, the idea of it is scary isn't it? But to be honest with myself it's not where my heart is. I shouldn't dread coming to class because later in life I will dread going to work. Its at this time in life that we carve the shell of our destiny; what we choose now sets the path for our future. So I haven't decided exactly what I'm gonna do, I'm thinking on the lines of Poetic Singer Songwriter Spanish Speaking Extraordinaire. LOL Silly I know. The good part is, I'm a double major so I'm going to keep my Spanish major, drop Biology and I'm contemplating adding English.

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