Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dear lord

Dear lord, jus take it all away.

Oh how I just wish to be a tree, a blade of grass proud and strong, a cloud drifting toward nowhere and everywhere simultaneously, to be one with the element with nature instead of this humanly flesh. But you made me this way for a purpose and I hope that purpose I will fulfill. Just show me the way oh lord, the way in which you would have me go. At this time I need guidance, I am broken lord and I cannot put the pieces back together all alone. As soon as I pick up one piece another falls.
Oh how I just wish to be a butterfly colorful and free, a bird singing gleefully in the breeze, to be one with the ocean a continuous flow. But you called me to such a life as this for a reason and that reason I pray to uphold. Oh God of all things just help me at this time oh lord I have nowhere else to turn nowhere to go.

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ClothesOn said...

I am not the Lord. I do know one thing for sure, the Lord has given you the chance to fulfill the full measure of your creation. As you become aware of your talents, you will be able to use them to help others. That is what I am doing with you now; trying to help you realize the full measure of your creation.

It is all about being ready for the opportunity when it comes, you will then be faced with a choice, should I walk through the open door before me or continue on my current path? Just know that if you do not go through the open door of opportunity, you will have the chance again, and maybe next time you will have prepared yourself to recognize the benefits from which you turned away the first time.

Now that I have tried to help you a little, maybe you would be willing to help me. I

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Keep your eyes open for the open doors!