Friday, May 29, 2009

The Worst Mistake : (

I made the biggest mistake of my pregnant life last night...

So I got home really late and exhausted after a day full of activities, I went to the WIC office, I got some milk yall! I went to my aunts job, mind you she works at an elementary school with little bad Pre-k through 6th graders, i dont have to explain the horrors in that, and I also went to a 6 o'clock movie, which is kinda late for me, I saw angels and demons it was pretty good.

But anyway before I actually got home, I was sitting at the Deanwood metro station waiting for the bus to come. And this guy walks by and basically tries to holla at me, the convo went something like this

"How you doin?" the boy asks continuing to walk past me.

"Hi, how are you?" I greet him back politely thinking thats the end of that.

"Can I call you sometimes?" he asks from about 5 feet away

"Umm, No I'm afraid not." I respond

"Why not?" he asks

I gently put my hand on my belly and say "Well things are kind of complicated right now"

"It aint no problem with me" the boy replies

I begin to chuckle astonished by the fact he doesnt mind that Im beyond noticeably preggers.

"You got a boyfriend, you still with yo baby daddy?" he asks

"No" I reply, an obvious grin on my face.

"Oh shit" the boys says as he proceeds to run back and sit next to me

I was truly amazed by the fact that he didnt care that I was pregnant, and even implied that he would take care of the baby and I. One great thing about being pregnant is that the boys will still try to holla but once they get a confirmation that you are indeed pregnant they back off. Dusty DC boys always have a motive so I begin to ask him questions about what he does. Reg flag one, he cannot give me an honest answer about his job description, he's a drug dealer. Red flag two, I told him I was in college and he immediately became disinterested. Red flag three, he didnt even like my quirky and somewhat sarcastic sense of humor, it was way over his head. So he walked away simply dumb founded, he probably thought I was just some hood rat that got knocked up, oh how wrong he was, lol.

Sooooo, the bus finally comes and I get home. Its hot as hell in the house, I mean the thermostat is reading 81 degrees inside the house! I cannot escape the heat so ma tells me to turn on the air and close all the windows. The coolest place in the house is the second room but there is nowhere to sleep in there, so I got some blankets and decided to sleep on the floor. LOL stupid me. I woke up in the middle of the night in soooo much pain, my back was on fire, I could barely stand up. I picked up my blanket and got in the bed with ma.

I will never ever do that again... my body is still sore : (

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