Saturday, May 23, 2009

Welcome Back

Said the city with flying colors, well maybe not flying, but there were definitely blue and red streams of light accompanied by mild sirens. So its Friday night, nothing is really poppin so I fall asleep, as usual, to adult swim, the Oblongs were just about to come on when I found the remote and hit the off button. Mom and I are sleep when we hear this loud crash and the smell of burning rubber, mind you by this time its 3:30 am and I was completely startled. I woke up almost crying and hyperventilating until ma calmed me down, I'm so dramatic, ha ha. But anyway we hear a crash and see the suspects fleeing the scene right from our bedroom window, you can only get this kinda stuff in the city!!! The suspects, black males in white wife beaters, are outside our house on the corner contemplating what to do being though they just crashed the stolen car into a parked car a little ways down the hill. The police arrive, then the EMT's, then a fire truck, so it looks like the circus outside on the corner of 51st and Jay. The more honorable suspect decided to stay and was apprehended by the police and handcuffed to my neighbors fence, meanwhile somebody across the street is persistently yelling "There he go right there, dont let him go, dont let him go!" The police continue to question him and he gives his share of erroneous answers, his story went from

"I wasn't in the car"


"I was there, but I wasn't driving"


"I saw somebody else crash the car and run"


"Ok, I was in the car but he held a gun to my head and made me drive and when we crashed he ran away"

No, I'm not making this up, so finally he admits to what he did and begins to cry saying he doesn't want to go to jail because just like the officer he has a newborn at home (I guess from a previous part of the convo when I wasn't eavesdropping well enough) The officers then proceed to read him his rights and our good friend the car thief was then hauled away for holding, because its a holiday weekend he probably wont get processed until Tuesday. Dont commit crimes on Friday folks!!!

So the city has welcomed me home with open arms and because I have a hyper active imagination instead of going back to sleep all I can think of are the million other ways that scenario could have played out tonight.

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