Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A letter for you...

Today I have come to realize why my mother is the way she is.... Not her as a total person but why she asks so many questions about the future and what exactly I plan to do about the baby. The fact of the matter is she is under alot of financial stress much of which isnt even her fault but because of someone else who was too lazy to do their job. Had the DC govt been more thorough she wouldnt be in a lot of the mess she is in right now. Despite that, because I know God will make a way even when we as people cant see it, I have truly come to understand now and I am grateful for the enlightenment.
At the end of the day what Ive come to realize is that the burden of my whole mess falls back on her. I'm pregnant, so I obviously cant work to save any money for my baby that is due in July. You are in GA with no source of income and nowhere even for yourself to stay. Everything unfortunately falls back on her, she has the world resting on her shoulders right now and I refuse to be her added burden. I dont know how this is going to work or what is going to happen but WE the people who created the ordeal need to get a plan. We need to work together, there is no more time for you do you and Imma do me, because thats not how this baby was created. The baby was made with us together and the solutions for its livelihood should be made the same way. I refuse to stand in the kitchen and see my mother cry again on the phone with the mortgage people, trying to explain to them that she has a daughter in college who is about to have a baby. This will not be her burden because she did not create the ordeal. The baby is a blessing so lets come up with solutions so it can live a blessed life.

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