Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Preamble

I'm so sick of going through stuff and having to get up the next day and pretend like nothing ever happened. It hurts. Everything hurts and I continue to just make myself numb to it. I don't forgive you, yes it did happen, no you cant run away from it. Now we are faced with a whole new ball game my friend, and the ball is completely in my court. I don't care how YOU feel anymore, I don't care what YOU think I should do, I don't have to answer to YOU or make YOU happy, I just have to take care of myself and my future child and do what God says. Despite what YOU my think, its Him that's taken care of me all this time and not YOU. However you do owe me, you owe me big time. Its about time for me to write that letter, I can feel it, but for now you only get "The Preamble".

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