Saturday, March 14, 2009

A little lighter

I love nights like these, the ones that remind you of the older times. Its funny how you can be so wrapped up in what has been placed in front of you that you dont bother to look ahead or behind. Its like your mental capacity cant go farther than that place until something snatches you away from it. And tonight I was snatched. Snatched back to a time where the world was just a little lighter, and the weight of everyday life wasnt resting unstably on my shoulders. Not necessarily a happier time, happier would be the wrong word, but lighter. It was easier to joke, easier to smile, still some trials, but laughing wasnt such a struggle, ya know. I think Ive been taking myself a little too seriously. Maybe I should lighten up. Still take care of business but it wouldnt hurt to lighten up.

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