Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Literature Overload!

For some reason Im just terribly frazzled today. Im jittery, I slept, but not too well, the baby was doing acrobatics in my stomach this morning as usual but idk, Im just weird and jittery and I cant focus. I guess cause I just took this World Lit midterm and its making me crazy, Ive actually been going around talking in 17th century English prose, well in my head at least, lol. Im tripping though. I need to relax before this history test at 3 o clock. I didnt even want to eat my yogurt this morning but I forced myself. I dreamt about Prospero the entire night thats probably whats wrong with me, its a Literature overload!!!!! Which further proves why ALL english professors are crazy. I love the humanities, but Ill scream if I have to cram my head with another theme, genre, or century of origin.
So long sanity, I bid thee farewell!

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