Monday, April 6, 2009

Yayy and Booo simultaneously

You know this was a great weekend, I got a breakthrough, had an awesome time with my sisters, and kinda released from school and the stress of everything that is going in life, so I cant complain at all, lol BUT....

Im slick mad cause people really dont do what they say they are gonna do. I was sick last week! I cant even miss class because people are unreliable and good for nothing! Well they may be good for something but they darn sure arent good for taking notes!!! Dang all I wanna do is pass my test but I cant even do that because I failed to get reliable sources, the girl didnt even email me the dag on notes. People are shady man...

I have a test average of 95 in this class, which is decent, and the lowest and I can get on this test and still maintain an A is an 85, that means I can miss 15% of the questions, that gives me plenty of room for error. Ok now I feel a little better. Im bout to get to bed, finally.


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