Sunday, April 26, 2009

Its getting hot and its time to blog...

Hello blogger I know I havent befriended you in a while and thats because Ive been too busy living to actually sit down and write. Whew.......... things are starting to pick up pace and these last two weeks of school are indeed going to be trying. And on top of that the heat is causing normally sane folk to act a damn fool. I dont like the very first glimpses of summer, people dont know how to handle it.

So recap....

Life the past half month has actually taken a turn for the better, I couldnt be happier, school is great, Im looking at a 4.0 for the semester, yay me. Fraternity and friendships could use work but nothing too crazy, and the BD is actually doing a pretty good job, although I hate to call him that, how about FoC (hence the smaller case o for the preposition). Yea thats better. But umm he is doing well, and our relationship, or whatever it is, is moving in a positive direction.
Im starting to get way too pregnant, and the combination of heat and pregnancy is causing major irritation. Im gettin irritated over the most simple things now and frankly its quite stressful. I wish I could just turn my emotions off. And when I get overly frustrated I cry, when Im sad, I cry, when nothing is wrong, damnit I still cry, lol. I cant stand it!!!! This crying has to stop.

Sigh.... ok that feels better, toodles Blogger, im out this piece!

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