Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fussy Baby, Foolish Mommy

Samiya has been pretty fussy for the last couple of days and Ive become a walking zombie because of it. I'm physically and mentally exhausted and it didnt help that we hung out for the last two days. I was also beginning to wonder if its because I was so sad during my pregnancy. I looked online and tried to find more information and stumbled upon a website that promised 5 secrets of how to care for your fussy baby. It seemed legit and as I kept reading they never tell you what the secrets are, they only say that it works. So after all that it turns out that it costs $4.95 and you can buy the ebook instantly.

Guess what the secrets were

1)Swaddle baby
2) Lay baby on side or stomach
3) Shushing Sounds
4) Rocking baby
5) Sucking (pacifier)

So I just paid $4.95 for them to tell me some shish I already knew.... so blown. In real life I would have never even considered buying it but since it was for Sami and it was only $4.95 I said why not. Lol, Im a sucka for my baby. And on top on that she is still crying and I didnt even get my audio sounds!

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Rachel Beau said...

aawww... i hate ebooks!!