Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I managed a smile...

I rarely come on blogger anymore, but I was about to write this very sad woe is me blog until I read Dori t's and she made me laugh thus making me feel better without even knowing it. Am I still a little upset by the whole ordeal? YES. But am I sad? No not really I actually think Ill be okay for tonight, each time you screw me over, it gets a little easier. Each time you shit on my day by attempting to call or text me with your bs, I get a little stronger. Ohhhhh it hurts like hell now, but im anticipating the beauty that comes after the pain. Samiya is one of the most beautiful things I could have ever asked for (or not asked for, lol) in life and Im so grateful, its cause of her that I get through each day. I just hope that you realize and understand just how much she is worth it, and how blessed you are to even be connected to her, cause if it was up to me... but its not, so I'll leave God to be the judge.

I'm bout to go get my mommy some juice, kick my feet up and call it a night. Transformers 2 was great and I actually had a pretty good day, thanks stephen and nite blogger :)

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Anonymous said...


Love you boo! Glad I could make you smile with my effed up life!