Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Blogging Beginnings....

So this is my first blog ever thanks to Le and Maya who peer pressured me into logging, no excuse me, Blogging every thought, motion, and crevice of who I am. For starters I woke up this morning....jk guys.. But on a serious note I had my first creative writing class today so throughout the semester I will blog my works, this is the fuckery I came up with today, its terrible so brace yourself....

So here are the parameters:
Write a ten line poem using a commonly known proverb,
Alter and proverb and fit 5 of these random words in it,

Sounds peachy doesnt it?

Original "Never look a gift horse in the mouth"
Alteration : Never look a sold horse in the eye

Random ass words:

Never look a sold horse in the eye
I did once and it nearly broke my heart
The sound of his voice stirred more in me than you'd ever know
I was completely taken aback, lost in thought, vision clouded
I was approaching the cliff of sorrow
Filled with mother's voices trying to soothe the sobs of their nightmare stricken children
Nightmares as horrid as licking the point of a thousand needles...

So as you can see I didnt finish I ran outta time and it became extremely morbid... so idk


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xXSTRSCRMXx said...

i honestly think it came out good for your choice of words not being as morbid as the poem concluded but it was a very good piece to read.. i want to take a creative writing class!!!!!!!!!!!! welcome to the blog world.. *Muah!*